The span of Altitude 2019
MDF, laquer on canvas
230 cm x 90 cm

The The idea of ascending into the blue but ultimately
becoming surrounded by black was to me very symbolically strong.
The allegory similar to that of the greek mythology Icarus.
While the moral of the myth of Icarus popularly implies his fall
is due to his over ambition, the result attempting to grasp the blue
in the sky leaves us with an open ending. What does it mean
to want to physically obtain the sky and/or blue?
What would we gain from it?

Ontological memories 2019
paint on wood

A cloud with two chimneys. An animal with two horns.
A 2d gunship. An abstract object.
I wonder if we humans are meaning making machines
and/or objects are a meaning making medium.
Everything must represent something, so what have I made?
I look up at the object and feel as though my thoughts will fly away along with it.
What should I be, I ask myself.
Just as much as what this object should be.

Parallel to the plane of the horizon 2019
Multiplex, laquer and metal
110 x 50 x 20

having a defined external form or outline.
After focusing on the vertical movement of thought,
I attempted to define how a perpendicular vision
of the spectrum would correspond to an image.
Thus remarking on the sight of a sky
and movement of looking up,
the horizon is necessary to gain dimension.